Open directory of Women in AI Ethics™.


Join the Women in AI Ethics™ online directory by filling out this nomination form for yourself or a colleague. We encourage and welcome self-nominations. We are emphatically trans-inclusive and welcome both cisgender and transgender women nominees. In the future, we plan to expand this directory to include non-binary people and other marginalized groups. We update this directory on the last Sunday of every month.

Nominees have to work on 1 or more of the AI Ethics dimensions. Not all submissions will be accepted. Thank you for your support and understanding!

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Mitigate disruption of human lives, rights, roles, and relationships as AI replaces humans through automation & human-like systems.
Promote use of AI for social good, through access for marginalized groups, mitigation of environmental impact, and development of public interest policies.
Ensure that data for AI/ML is gathered (surveillance), how it’s used/shared (consent), and secured from abuses.
Ensure AI/ML models are transparent, explainable, and fair so they do not amplify systemic & societal injustices and biases of their creators.
Provide guardrails and regulations for development of commercial autonomous systems, artificial agents that are ethical and safe.
Establish safeguards against threats to digital and physical safety through deep-fakes, bots, autonomous weapons, and bio/neural AI.