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100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ list – 2024


Given the pervasiveness of biased Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and risk to human lives from flawed AI systems, there is an urgent need for open discussion and concrete action to address the perils of unchecked AI.

We can’t talk about ethics in AI without inclusion of women and other marginalized groups that are traditionally underrepresented in AI/tech. The Women in AI Ethics (WAIE) is a global initiative with a mission to increase recognition, representation, and empowerment of women in AI Ethics. This initiative started with the first 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics list in 2018, which is now published annually to recognize rising stars as well as pioneers in this space. To increase representation of women at AI/tech conferences and companies, we have also launched an open online directory of  Women in AI Ethics to make it easier for conference organizers and recruiters to recruit talented women working hard to make AI ethical, inclusive, and accessible for all.

Criteria for 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ list:

Unlike other industry lists, the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ list is not based on a ranking system nor is it dominated by “influencers” but rather we seek to highlight the hidden figures and unknown voices in this space.

Everyone is welcome to nominate themselves or others for their relevant work in this space using the submission form. Please check if you are already in the directory before submitting your nomination as all entries that haven’t been considered for a previous list will be considered. Duplicate submissions will be rejected.

Given that there are many talented women working in the Artificial Intelligence space, this list considers only those women who specifically work on AI ethics and meet the following criteria:

A) Self-identify as a woman*.

B) Primarily focus on ethical AI, responsible AI, or AI Ethics in any one or more of the 6 AI Ethics dimensions listed on the site.

C) Actively promote adoption of ethical/responsible AI AND diversity in their personal and/or professional capacity as an individual or as part of a larger organization.

D) Priority is given to individuals who represent and/or belong to traditionally marginalized or underrepresented groups in AI/Tech including but not limited to – Race (Black, Indigenous, WoC), LGBT+, Disability, Age (>40yr), Immigrant/Refugee, Region (non-US), Religion (minority), or socioeconomic status (lower/disadvantaged).

*We are emphatically trans-inclusive.


– Deadline for nominations: Sunday, October 1, 2023 at midnight EST

– Selection Committee to review nominations: November 1-30, 2023

– Announce final list for 2024 – Friday, December 1, 2023

Selection Committee – 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ List

The selection committee convenes once a year to curate the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ list. The members of this are carefully selected for their commitment to AI Ethics and track record in fostering diversity in this space. Selection Committee members are not eligible to be considered for the 100 list to prevent any conflict of interest.

100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethicslist – 2024 Selection Committee members:

Selection Committee

Team member
Amy Chou
Team member
Ebitie Amughan
Team member
Mia Dand
Team member
Teemu Roos
Team member
Chhavi Chauhan
Team member
Hessie Jones